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Callsling Integration enables you to manage all your leads, calls and form submissions, via Lead Generated and avoids having to keep switching between the two applications.

Once you have CallSling integrated, the companies you have set up with the phone tracking system will bring their associated leads into Lead Generated automatically.

You can then manage the leads by adding them, forwarding or deleting them as required.

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Step by Step Guide

CallSling API Key

1. Login to CallSling.

2. On the top right menu, click on "Account" or "My Account".

3. Scroll down the page and locate the API key field in your account page, then select the API key and right click to copy it.

Lead Generated Integration

4. Login to Lead Generated. Click on "Settings", then "Integrations".

5. On the CallSling option, Click on the "Integration Details" button.

6. Paste the API key you copied from your CallSling account in the CallSling API Key field, then click on the "Submit" button.

Activating CallSling Synchronisation

7. Click on the "Enable" box for each company you'd like to import the last 30 days of call history. Then map each company you wish to import to either an existing company in your Lead Generated account or select the "Create New" option. Then click on the "Submit" button.

8. Click on the button on the Fetch and Process screen to connect and retrieve your account information.

9. Congratulations! Your account has been successfully linked to CallSling and you can now view calls by clicking the button on this screen. Alternatively, you can also view calls by selecting "CallSling", then "All Calls" or "All Companies" on the left menu.

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